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Week 8

This past weekend, the team sailed its most successful championship weekend to date! The Huskies sailed on the familiar waters of the Charles River at the Coed and Womens New England Fall Championship events, while the Freshman team headed to Mystic Lake.


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Week 7

The team hosted and sailed at the Oberg Trophy, and held their fleet dedication ceremony on Sunday. The team also sailed at Harvard and BC this weekend after sweeping the Midweek Fly Regatta on Thursday! 


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Week 6

The team sailed successfully at five regattas throughout New England this weekend. 



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Week 5

The women's team, shown to the left, sailed well at the Navy Women's Fall regatta, while our sailors also raced at Bowdoin and Roger Williams.


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Week 4

The team sailed in stormy conditions at all of their events this weekend, with gusts reaching over 35 knots at MIT and at Coast Guard. 


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Week 3

In an extremely busy weekend, the Huskies sailed at six different events. Johnny Wehner and John Hughes are pictured sailing in heavy breeze at the 33rd Hood Trophy at Tufts. 


Week 2

The Huskies sailed against tough competition across the board this weekend, racing at King's Point, MIT, UVM, and BC this weekend. 



Week 1

In a successful first weekend of the fall season, the Huskies took a 2nd place at the Penebscot Bay Open in Maine, and a 5th out of 15 at the highly competitive Toni Deutsch Women's Regatta. The team also sailed well at Roger Williams, Tufts, and Harvard.


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