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Alumni Board

As we continue to expand our alumni network, we are hoping to establish an Alumni Board. We are looking for representatives from every 4-5 graduating years of Northeastern's history. The primary goal of this board would be to strengthen our network of alumni by actively getting in touch with sailors from all the classes that they overlapped with. We are also welcoming interest from Northeastern alumni who were not a part of the team, but want to support Northeastern Sailing. After these initial networking efforts, we would like to see the responsibilities of the Alumni Board extend as a fundraising asset for the team as we move to increase our endowment and ensure Northeastern Sailing's long term success.


If you are interested in joining the alumni board, we encourage you to get in touch with us at or at the Alumni Regatta.

Northeaster Sailing Alumni and Friends Regatta
How to Get Involved

We love our alumni and work hard to stay in touch with past sailors, as well as develop new connections with people who have seen our success and would like to support Northeastern Sailing. If you're a Northeastern Alum, a fan, or someone who is looking to get involved we want to hear from you! Over the past few years we have been growing as a team we would all love to share our enthusiasm by reconnecting with all those who are interested. As a Friend of Northeastern Sailing there are a many ways to get involved with our team.

Join our mailing list!

We send out biannual emails at the end of each season with important information about upcoming events, like our Alumni & Friends Regatta, and the progress that we are making in competition and fundraising. If you are an alumni or supporter of Northeastern Sailing, please join our mailing list by filling out this form with your information.

Alumni & Friends Mailing List

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