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Week 13

April 26-27, 2014


Northeastern finished off their season against the best teams in New England with the New England Dinghy Championships at Yale. The Huskies faced varying conditions from heavy wind and light air throughout the weekend. After strong moments for both boats over the past couple of weekends on the Charles River, they weren't quite able to pull together the weekend they were looking for on the ocean at Yale. In A division, Maarten Eenkema van Dijk and Margo Blagden finished in 14th place. In B division, Conor Lodge and Estelle Beguin put together 6 top ten races including a bullet in their last set.


Northeastern finished 14th of 18 teams overall in the regatta. The top 9 teams qualified for National Semifinals. The regatta marked the end to the season and was the last college regatta for seniors Eenkema van Dijk, Lodge and Beguin after a long and successful career with Northeastern.


An additional Husky team travelled south to URI to sail the final Southern Series of the season. The young pairs struggled in the light air but managed to get a few top half finishes, including a bullet by both divisions late in the regatta. Sailors John Wehner and Katie Alfond finished 13th in the combined division scoring, while Peter Christensen and Lindsay Martinez finished in 16th. Northeastern ended up 8th overall.

Eenkema van Dijk and Blagden sailing in the Boston Dinghy Cup the previous weekend

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