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Week 12

April 19-20, 2014


Northeastern had a busy weekend of late season regattas this past weekend.


The women's team finished off their season at Coast Guard with Women's NEISA Champs. The young women's team was skippered by Tori McGruer and Camille Matile with crews Liz Sczerzenie and Emily Browning. Both divisions struggled to stay in the top half against the stiff competition for the nationals qualifying event. Both divisions improved throughout the regatta as they adapted to the stiff competition with a number of top-10 finishes. McGruer and Sczerzenie finished 15th in A division and Matile and Browning finished 14th in B division, bringing the Huskies to a 15th place finish out of 17 teams.


At MIT, the Husky's top coed pairs sailed in the Boston Dinghy Cup. The regatta was an important warm up for next weekend's season finale with NEISA champs at Yale. Northeastern's three divisions had a wide range of scores, but A division sailors Maarten Eenkema van Dijk and Margo Blagden sailed one of their strongest regattas of the year against some stiff competition. They finished in a tie for 5th place on the front end of a close pack of A division teams with just 26 points separating 5th and 15th places.


In B division, Conor Lodge and Estelle Beguin sailed a strong middle of their regatta, finishing 12th in their divisions. In C division, freshmen Peter Christensen and Eleanor Grams hung tight with the seniors in A and B divisions and improved steadily throughout the regatta. While it was challenging competition for the young pair, they picked up some top-10 finishes and would up 16th in their division. Northeastern finished in 13th of 17 teams, and their top two divisions will look to keep up the good sailing in the coed nationals qualifier next weekend.


At URI, freshmen John Wehner and Katie Alfond sailed in the NEISA Single Crew Freshman Regatta. In the one day regatta, the pair held their own against some other top young boats from New England. After a slow start, they picked things up and kept most of their finishes in the top 3. Wehner and Alfond finished in 3rd of 6 boats, showing promise for the fall season.


At Salve Regina, Northeastern competed in the O'Toole Trophy. Skippers Max Frye and Will Manning sailed with crews Lindsay  Martinez and Caitlin Cloonan. Frye and Lindsay led the charge, finishing 9th of the 18 boats in the combined division regatta. Manning and Cloonan weren't far behind in 14th place. Top finishes included a 5th place finish from Manning and Cloonan and multiple top-5 finishes from Frye and Martinez. Northeastern finished in 6th of 9 teams.

Peter Christensen and Eleanor Grams sail downwind

Conor Lodge and Estelle Beguin

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