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Week 7

April 9-10, 2016


This was the another full weekend, with teams sailing the Admiral Alymers at Mass Maritime, the Mystic Lake Team Race at Tufts, and the Emily Wick at Connecticut College. Adding one final team race to our season. 


Stephen Fletcher, Abby Dulcos, Sofia Kirkamn, and Sandra Nygren sailed the Admiral Alymers this weekend. They had a slow start, but the rest of the weekend picked up and they were able to complete a successful weekend with a solid 8th place finish. 

Click here for full scores. 


The Mystic Lake Team Race was sailed by Chris Colbeth, Peter Christensen, Annie Wieland, Linnea Goldstein, Kurran Singh, Kattie Alfond, and Sam Calvaresi. The conditions were pretty consistent for Mystic Lake, but we were able to finish 10 races throughout the weekens. Despite improving through each day, it was a tough learning experience to end the season with. 

Click here for full scores. 


Sailing in Connecticut this weekend was Sarah de Silva, Tori McGruer, Laura Tschiegg, Jackie Berlin, Elise Gehling, and Nathalie Garcia. They had a fantistic start, ending the first day in a great possition; the second day, however, was problematic for the Huskies ending thier commanding beginning to the regatta. 

Click here for full scores.

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