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Week 6

March 8-9, 2014


While practice has yet to begin on an icy Charles River, Northeastern kicked off the spring season in warmer waters with the Icebreaker Regatta at Connecticut College. Maarten Eenkema van Dijk and Margo Blagden sailed in A division with Conor Lodge and Estelle Beguin sailing B division.


Although it was the first time any of the team had been on the water in 2014, both divisions put up solid performances on both days. Conor and Estelle led the way, scoring just 18 points over eight races, winning their division by two points. Maarten and Margo were sixth in A division. Both divisions tallied a pair of bullets, and a strong second half of the regatta put Northeastern in 2nd place of 14 teams. Northeastern will be back on the Charles for practice this week, and look to continue their success after a strong start to the spring season.

Northeastern travelled to Connecticut to find some water and start the season

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