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Weekend 11

November 16-17, 2013

Northeastern finished out competition for 2013 with the Atlantic Coast Tournament at Connecticut College. The Huskies qualified for the ACT with a 14th-place finish at the Schell Trophy two weeks before. Northeastern faced competition from familiar NEISA teams, as well as qualifiers from MAISA. The usual suspects finished out the season for NU; Maarten Eenkema van Dijk and Janelle Veary sailed in A division, with Conor Lodge and Estelle Beguin in B division.


The group of seniors sailed just four races over the two day regatta due to light winds on the Thames. With such a small amount of races, each one counted and the Huskies battled in fading breeze and pouring rain on Sunday to hold their own in the tight competition. Maarten and Janelle had a key last set with a third and a second place finish. Their fourth place finish in A division lifted the Huskies to a 7th place finish our of 18 overall.


The ACT marked the end of a busy, competitive season for Northeastern. The Huskies sailed in 47 regattas over the 10-weekend season - the second most of any team in the ICSA behind only Tufts. Northeastern picked up a win at the Wellahan Trophy, and top-5 finishes at 17 other regattas! Out of Northeastern's top 7 scoring regattas, the highest scores came at the Schell Trophy/New England Championships (14th of 35), and the Moody Trophy (9th of 18).


The NEISA performance rankings were tight throughout the season, and the Huskies brought home top finishes each weekend to stay in the fight for a top-15 spot. At the end of the season, Northeastern finished 14th overall in NEISA - an improvement from 16th in 2012. The higher ranking will help Northeastern get into even more regattas for 2014, and the Huskies look to ride their momentum into the new year!


We would like to thank everyone who supported us throughout the season. From parents who hosted us, to alumni who supported us, the roommates who dealt with our gear, the staff at MIT's Sailing Pavilion for generously giving Northeastern a place to sail, and to Coach Jonathan Farrar who was able to work with our full roster for his first fall season.


Stay tuned for fundraising events throughout the offseason, and Northeastern will be back on the water in March for the Spring season!

Maarten and Janelle head out for a set on Saturday

A close A division sails to the finish

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