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Weekend 11

The Huskies faced some tight competition this weekend at the Atlantic Coast Tournament, placing 7th overall in the season's final regatta.

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Weekend 10

We were host to a more lighthearted side of college competition this weekend with NEISA crews taking the helm at MIT.

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Weekend 9

Northeastern faced New England's toughest competition at the Erwin Schell Trophy, placing 12th overall. The women also competed against NEISA's best at the Victorian Coffee Urn.

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Weekend 8

The Charles was the place to be this weekend, with Northeastern's Oberg at Harvard, and the women's Stu Nelson Trophy out of MIT.

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Weekend 7

The coed team headed to Dartmouth for its first intersectional of the season, while the women's team also saw some high-caliber competition at Yale.

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