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November 10-11, 2012

Northeastern sent a group of 6 sailors down to Maryland for the last regatta of the season on November 10-11. The Huskies qualified for the Atlantic Coast Tournament by finishing 12th in the Erwin Schell Trophy earlier in the season.


14 of the top teams from the East Coast headed to St. Mary's to compete in the ACT in two fleets of 420s and FJs. A light breeze Saturday morning was the most the sailors would see all weekend, as the wind trailed off into light and variable conditions in the afternoon, with Sunday yielding similar light conditions. Despite the light conditions, 11 races were completed in both divisions.

Skipper Maarten Eenkema van Dijk led the team with crew Janelle Veary, finishing 3rd in A division with 60 points. Conor Lodge sailed with crews Becker Awqatty and Taylor Williams, finishing 12th in B division. Northeastern finished 7th overall, marking a strong finish to a long, successful season for the Huskies.

A Division starts a race in light air on Sunday

Weekend 11

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