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Weekend 7

October 19-20, 2013

This weekend Northeastern send its top co-ed and Women's Team to interesectionals at Dartmouth and Yale. Both regattas came with less than optimal conditions, but the Huskies were enthusiastic about the competition and did sailed their hardest at both. 


Our co-ed Team at the Captian Hurst Bowl (A-level Intersectional) waited until about 12:30 PM for the wind to pick up, and from there it was a  struggle to get races in. Eventually, the breeze filled for the last few races. On Sunday the teams we were able to get 9 more races in each division in heavier breeze. The Huskies faced tough competition but both Maarten Eenkema van Dijk and Janelle Veary in A division and Conor Lodge and Estelle Beguin in B division sailed strong races and came in 14th of 18. 


On Saturday at the Yale Women's Intersectional (Women's A-level Intersectional) did not begin racing until after 2:30PM. 6 races were sailed in both divisions in a nice southerly between 6 and 12 knots with difficult chop. All courses were trapezoids with a bottom reach to the finish. With the outgoing tide we had multiple recalls and multiple OCS's throughout the day. Congratulations to Elise Gehling, Kristen Kuzil, Heidi Hood, Margo Blagden, and Camille Matille for sailing a strong season in the women's circuit and finishing their fall season strong. 


At the Great Herring Pond Open (B level) at Mass Maritime on Saturday, Northeastern got off to a quick start led by Jesse Thomas and Laura Tschiegg in B division with 3 bullets in 4 races. After 2 sets in each division, Northeastern headed into Sunday leading the regatta by 4 points. The Huskies stumbled in their last 2 sets, with both divisions picking up deep finishes in the last set that dropped the team to 4th place of 17 overall, just one point out of 3rd. Thomas and Tschieggs were 2nd in B division, and Scott Goodrich and Taylor Williams were 6th in A division.


Northeastern sent two teams down to Rhode Island for the Providence College Invite (C level) this weekend. Becker Awqatty and Linnea Goldstein sailed in A division, and Luke Orchardo and Alexandra Zhmakina sailed  B division. The regatta started on Saturday with very little wind and continued to build throughout the day. Sunday held completely different conditions for the teams, the day started with good wind but large puffs would sweep through the course making or breaking many races. Both divisions had first place finishes and come in 3rd place overall. 


On Saturday, Northeastern sent some of our new sailors to the FJ Invitational on familiar waters at MIT. Both divisions sailed consistently, with Peter Christensen and Lindsay Martinez finishing 6th in A division and Stephen Fletcher and Claire Lockard 9th in B division. The team finished 7th overall, just a few points behind 6th place.

Conor making the most out of glass at Lake Mascoma

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