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Week 5: March 30-31

The Huskies sailed in very windy conditions this weekend at Brown, Tufts, and BU.

Jumbo Team Race @ Tufts

On Saturday morning, moderately light breeze from the southeast allowed sailors to complete a round robin, with the Huskies going 1/6 with a win against UVM. Sunday was extremely windy, and a full round robin was unable to completed, though some races were sailed, including a flight with no jibs. The sailors at Tufts on Saturday were Caleb Niles ('22), Rob Brower ('23), Zach Bresnick ('21), Sarah Pierce ('21), Bridget Maguire ('22), and Sandra Nygren ('20).

BU Trophy @ BU

Winds were consistent out of the east for the first few sets on Saturday, making starts and overall boat speed very important. The wind then abruptly shifted to the southwest and became more shifty, dramatically changing the pace and style of racing. On Sunday, a final B set was completed before sailors were sent in from the high winds. Sailors Ben Palmer ('22), Elizabeth Lonergan ('22), Peter Morrissette ('22), Liz Silva ('21), and Adrian van der Wal ('22), did an excellent job adapting to the wide range of conditions, and managed to place 9/18 in the regatta.


Dellenbaugh Women's Trophy @ Brown


Saturday's great conditions of a southerly breeze of 6-16 knots led to 10 races for each division. On Sunday the wind started out much heavier (~20 knots), before slowly dying down to 6-8 knots for the final set. The Huskies' A division of Carolyn Corbet ('21) and Kelley Phippen ('22) had a stellar performance, finishing 9/18 in their division, and in B division Victoria Pajak ('21), Coleen Ross ('20), and Morgan TerMaat ('23) also had a great weekend, with Victoria and Morgan ending the regatta with a bullet.

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