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Week 1: March 18-19

After many weeks of cancelled regattas, our season finally starts with two regattas this past weekend!

Veitor Trophy @ Coast Guard Academy

Sailors Kurran Singh, John Hughes, Carolyn Corbet and Sandra Nygren arrived on Saturday for the only day of racing due to inclement weather. Breeze increased throughout the day, and combined with freezing temperatures, our huskies gave it their all for this challenging regatta- Their hard work paid off, and they finished in 10th, winning a tiebreaker with BU!


Ike Geiger Team Race Regatta @ MIT

The Huskies were faced with cold temperatures and fierce competition at MIT on Saturday . Sailors Jackson Hamilton, Eleanor Grams, Peter Christensen, Annie Wieland, Tori McGruer and Coleen Ross competed in a single round robin for the only day of racing, ended the round robin in a three way tie. A lot was learned, and everyone appreciated the warm up!

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