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Week 7

April 18-19, 2015


Our team not only successfully hosted the Oberg Trophy this weekend, but put in our best ever peformance at the event. Scott Goodrich and Katie Alfond sailed to five first place finishes out of their last seven races, good for the win in A Division. The team finished in 5th place overall with a strong showing from Jackson Hamilton, Jackie Berlin, Peter Christensen, and Linnea Goldstein. A big thank you to everyone on the team who helped out with making sure the event ran as smoothly as it did. 

Click here for full scores. 




Our women's team competed for the President's Trophy, hosted by Boston University in classic Charles River conditions, with Elise Gehling and Emily Browning sailing both days. In a sign of how close the racing was, Gehling and Browning finished the weekend within a single point of the two teams ahead of them in the B Division rankings. 


With Women's New Englands (Reed Trophy) coming up next weekend at Boston College, our two boats for that event switched off sailing at the women's event at BU and at the Savin Hill Central Series at BC to get practice both with sailing against the women's sailors in New England as well as with sailing in the current and chop featured at BC's sailing venue. Sarah de Silva and Emily Arntsen sailed at BC on Saturday and BU on Sunday, while Camille Matile and Margo Blagden sailed the opposite days. Colin Henderson and Caitlin Cloonan also sailed at BC on Saturday, and Zach Shapiro and Claire Lockard sailed at BC on Sunday. 

Click here for full scores for the President's Trophy.

Click here for full scores for the Savin Hill Central Series. 


Lining up at the start of a race at the Oberg this past weekend

Colin Henderson and Caitlin Cloonan sailing fast at the Savin Hill Central Series

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