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Week 5

April 4-5, 2015


In an extremely heavy air weekend, Husky team racers at Tufts were unable to compete as racing was cancelled on Saturday for the one day event.


Scott Goodrich, Laura Tchsiegg, Jackson Hamilton, and Evan Gregory headed to the BU Trophy, where they finished the weekend only 5 points out of first overall for the event. Racing got blown out on Saturday, and only continued until 2 pm on Sunday before the wind built up too much for racing. Conditions on Sunday were tricky, with big breeze and big shifts on the Charles River. 

Click here for full scores. 



Will Manning, John Hughes, Donal Ryan, and Caitlin Cloonan sailed in the Central Series 3 at Harvard this weekend, but also saw racing cancelled on Saturday, followed by only two races per division on Sunday before the breeze ramped up to unsafe conditions. 

Click here for full scores. 


Scott Goodrich and Laura Tchsiegg (Sail #10) sailing to a first place in race one of the BU Trophy.

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