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Weekend 12


The huskies spent the weekend in New London, CT, racing at the Thompson Trophy (hosted by Connecticut College). Freshmen Jesse Thomas and Elise Gehling skippered, with Taylor Williams and Kristen Kuzil crewing. Saturday started off with light breeze from the North West. Throughout the day the wind continuously shifted in all directions, making for some interesting sailing. Thomas and Williams sailed a strong first day in A division, placing them in 7th place by 4:00 pm. On Sunday the sailors were greeted with heavy wind in the morning, allowing Becker Awqatty to sail with Gehling as a heavy crew for the first set in B fleet. The wind gradually dropped as the day went on, and Kuzil subbed back in to crew for Gehling for the remainder of the day. After two long days of competitive sailing the team ended up in 13th place over all, with A fleet placing 12th and B fleet placing 13th.

The team also traveled down to Newport, RI to sail at the O’Toole Trophy (hosted by Salve Regina). Max Frye and Linnea Goldstein sailed A division, with Olin Nelson and Lindsay Wright sailing B. Saturday started with a light breeze from the North. Throughout the day the wind picked up to 10-15 knots with gusts around 20. On Sunday the day started off with 15 knots of breeze and heavy chop. The wind gradually dies throughout the day, but the bay stayed consistently choppy. Our sailors finished 16th in the difficult fleet, with a 15th place in A division and a 14th place in B.

The fleet at the Thompson Trophy lines up for the start

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