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Weekend 11


This weekend the huskies traveled to Providence, Rhode Island for the NEISA Dinghy Championships. Jesse Thomas and Taylor Williams sailed in A fleet, with Elise Gehling and Kristen Kuzil sailing in B. On Saturday the wind started out light and shifty from the North, with a competing breeze filling in from the South. Both fleets managed to get in a full set before postponement. Around 2 pm the teams were sent back on the water, but the wind directions continued to shift constantly. After a long day, both fleets got in another 4 races, and teams were off the water around 7:20pm. On Sunday breeze was light to start with, building up throughout the day to a consistent 15 knots. Towards the end of the second day, our sailors showed that they had finally settled into the competitive fleet. They sailed strongly and had a number of high place finishes, including a 5th and 6th for Thomas and Williams, and a 1st and 6th for Gehling and Kuzil. A huge thanks to Becker Awqatty, Laura Tschiegg, and Matteo Alampi for accompanying the team as back up crews.  


The Huskies also hosted the Spring Oberg this weekend, one of the oldest regattas in New England. The wind on Saturday was light and shifty, making those small  puffs vital. Unfortunately the regatta had to be called early due to unreliable conditions, but the race committee made up for it on Sunday, getting in  12 races overall. Northeastern sent two teams,  Tori McGruer, Elizabeth Sczerzenie, Matteo Alampi, and Margo Blagden in team one, and  Minot Frye, Linnea Goldstein , Olin Nelson and Alexandra Zhmakina in team two. Ryan Montgomery, one of our new sailors also got the chance to race on Saturday while Matteo went down to NEISA Dinghy Champs as an extra crew. Overall the huskies came in 12th and 14th place, and had some great races throughout the weekend. A special thanks goes to Matt Largess for helping the huskies run the regatta, as well as Zach Shapiro , Heidi Hood, Scott Goodrich, Luke Orchado, Lukas Scott and Emily Robinson for making sure everything went smoothly. The huskies would also like to thank BU for letting us host our regatta in their facilities. 

A competitive fleet at the Oberg Regatta

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