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Weekend 10


It was a busy weekend for the Huskies. With 4 different regattas, we had nearly all of our active sailors competing across New England.

In Boston, we attended our first women’s regatta of the season. Elise Gehling, Kristen Kuzil, Tori McGruer, and Liz Sczerzenie sailed at the BU President’s Trophy. On Saturday the wind came from the Northwest at about 10-20 knots. Gehling and Kuzil sailed 9 races in A division, and McGruer and Sczerzenie got in 6 races in B. On Sunday the breeze was lighter than forcasted with large directional shifts. The girls sailed strongly, placing them in 10th over all at the end of the day. Highlights from the weekend include a bullet for Gehling and Kuzil, and a third place finish for McGruer and Sczerzenie.


Also in Boston, the huskies attended the Central Series 3, hosted by Harvard. Jesse Thomas and Taylor Williams sailed in A division, and Becker Awqatty and Margo Blagden sailed B. Awqatty and Blagden started the regatta with a number of strong finishes on Saturday. On Sunday, only two sets were sailed in each division. Thomas and Williams wrapped up the day for A division with a 2nd place finish in their last race. They finished in 8th place over all in A fleet. Awqatty and Blagden finished in 5th place in B fleet, bringing the team to a 7th place finish over all.

We sent two teams down to the Admiral Alymers Trophy at MMA. The huskies had a challenging weekend, but it was a great opportunity for the new crews and skippers to compete in a heavier wind regatta. Saturday presented winds from 5-20 knots, blowing anywhere from the west to northeast, and shifting as much a 90 degrees in several races. Sunday saw a more steady southerly breeze, building throughout the day. The A division sailed 12 races over the weekend while B completed only 11 races due to increased winds that rendered the pond unassailable. Team 1 came in 8th place with Matteo Allampi, Laura  Tschiegg,  Lindsay Wright and Linnea Goldstein. Team 2 finished less then 10 points behind in 9th place with Zach Shapiro, Alexandra  Zhmakina, Evan Gregory and Emily Robinson. 

The sloop team traveled down to Coast Guard Academy for the Kruger Cup early afternoon on Friday. The team took the rest of the day to practice with the Coast Guard team and Coach Farrar to prepare to sail the next day. Max Frye, Ryan Montgomery, Colin Henderson, and Luke Orchardo sailed strongly, proving that the extra practice pays off. They finished in 6th place over all. Highlights include a set of two 3rd place finishes.

Matteo Alampi Laura Tschiegg Northeastern Sailing

Gehling and Kuzil at the BU President's Trophy

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