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Week 2: September 15-16

Light wind across all 3 competitions this weekend led to difficult sailing conditions but solid performances all around.

Hatch Brown Trophy @ MIT

The Hatch Brown Trophy at MIT, one of the oldest events in college sailing, looked to be cancelled due to lack of wind throughout the weekend. With no racing Saturday, sailors arrived on Sunday facing similar conditions. However, at 1:30pm, a light but slowly building easterly filled in just enough to finish three races in each of the three divisions one minute before the 3:00pm cutoff time. The team of Kyle Riggs ('21)Becker Ewing ('21)Kurran Singh ('19)Romain Astié ('21)Carolyn Corbet ('21), and Kelley Phippen ('22) was well within the pack for most of the races, but a nine race regatta leaves very little room for error, and a couple deep finishes condemned the Huskies to a 12th out of 17 finish.

Regis Trophy @ Harvard

This weekend at the Regis Trophy, the Women’s Team competed in some tough, light conditions. The regatta was the debut for 2 of this year's freshmen. Erin Coyne ('20) and Sandra Nygren ('20) contested A division, while Addie Schoen ('23) and Morgan TerMaat ('23raced in B division. Although most of the weekend was spent waiting for the breeze to fill in on the Charles, the Race Committee was able to get 3 races off for each division Saturday afternoon and 2 more on Sunday. The light conditions made clear the importance of strong and synchronized kinetics in every maneuver, as well as finding the puffs throughout the short races. The Huskies continued to improve on these things as the weekend went on, and gained a better understanding of what needed to be focused on in coming practices.

Barnett Trophy @ Bowdoin

The Barnett Trophy at Bowdoin College was also a debut regatta for 3 new team members. Caleb Niles ('22), Julia Zaleski ('22), Santiago Hirschmann ('23), and Bridget Maguire ('22) sailed a great regatta in tough conditions. The first day was light (3-6 knots) and foggy, while the second day brought a little more breeze (4-8 knots) and lots of sun. The beautiful venue featured a 10 foot tide that played a huge role in strategy. Both boats did well, posting a couple of good finishes, including a 2nd in A division and two 4ths in B division. Overall they came away with a 12th place finish out of 17.

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