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Week 1

September 10-11

As the team welcomed new members, the Huskies kicked off the first weekend of the fall season at seven different regattas across the northeast. 

At the Harry Anderson at YaleJackson Hamilton, Jackie Berlin, Elise Gehling, Laura Tschiegg, and John Hughes took on the team's first intersectional. Though challenged by the big breeze, ocean conditions,  and tough competition, the huskies managed to hold their own and still be competitive.

The Women's Team attended the Toni Deutsch at MIT this weekend. Some of our newest members, Ellie Reagan and Erin Coyne, joined Camille Matile and Nathalie Garcia in representing the school. Conditions were difficult and changed drastically from being very light on Saturday to completely stormy on Sunday. Nonetheless, our women's team persevered, and the new members gained some valuable experience.

Two regattas were held at Maine Martime this weekend. Johnny Wehner, Katie Alfond, Chris Colbeth, and Sandra Nygren attended the 420 regatta, Pen. Bay Openwhile Donal Ryan, Ian Campbell, Carter Rose, and Will Manning sailed Colgates at the Harman. The 420 team had an excellent weekend and were able to snag some top finishes. The Colgate team also performed well, especially for their first big boat regatta.

At the Mt. Hope Bay regatta hosted by SalvePeter Christensen, Annie Wieland, Matteo Alampi, and Coleen Ross had a solid weekend. The huskies had some successful races and were able to finish in the top half of the fleet.

The Tufts Invitational proved to be an event of many surprises. Sofia Kirkman, Claire Lockard, and freshmen Kyle Riggs and Becker Ewing faced both very light and extremely stormy conditions. However, both teams improved throughout the weekend and competed well overall.

Kurran Singh, and new team members Julia Boll, Zach Bresnick, and Connor Oneill took on the FJ Invitational at Harvard. For one of the pairs it was their first regatta, but it was hardly noticeable as both divisions sailed well, and the team finished third overall. 

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