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Week 9

September 12-13, 2015


In the first weekend of the fall season, the team sailed incredible well at numerous events across New England.


At the Penebscot Bay Open, Jackson Hamilton, Jackie Berlin, Johnny Wehner, and Katie Alfond put in a dominant performance that qualified the team for the Danmark regatta in a few weeks. The team was in 4th place after a light wind Saturday, and improved to 2nd out of 15 teams after the winds picked up on Sunday. 

Click here for full scores. 


The women's team had a strong performance against some of the top women's sailors in New England at the Toni Deutsch, finishing 5th out of 15. Elise Gehling, Margo Blagden, Tori McGruer, and Laura Tschiegg all sailed well, with both teams winning a few races. 

Click here for full scores. 


Racing downwind at the Toni Deutsch in foggy conditions

Tori McGruer and Laura Tschiegg after winning a race at the Toni Deutsch. 

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