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Week 3: September 23-24

Another big weekend for the Huskies with one A level, two B levels, and one C level!

Christopher Loder @ UNH

Good luck with wind did not follow Chris Colbeth, Sandra Nygren, Zach Bresnick, and Katie Alfond- After both teams sat in postponement for much of last weekend, they met the same fate at UNH. Only three races could be completed (one in each set and one in A), so the regatta could not be scored. Instead, paddle board races, wind surfing and maybe even some studying happened, so the weekend was not a lost cause!

Salt Pond Invite @ URI

A nice weekend of sailing for Ben Palmer, Kelly Phippen, Caleb Niles and Coleen Ross resulted in a 7th out of 18 for the new teams. They learned a lot and got more consistent and comfortable in the boat- Keep up the good work!

Amanda Trophy @ Roger Williams

Sofia Kirkman, Julia Boll, Erin Coyne, and Ellie Reagan, sailed at Roger Williams this weekend for the Amanda Trophy. Despite the tough conditions, the team sailed well, and most importantly, had fun! Sorry to new members Victoria Pajak and Liz Silva, who did not get to sail on Sunday due to lack of wind!

Hood Trophy @ Tufts

In another regatta with no wind, Jackson Hamilton, Jackie Berlin, Kyle Riggs and Romain Astié sailed only 4 scored races the whole weekend. Nice sailing in a competitive regatta done by all!

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