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Week 2: September 16-17

Not much wind anywhere for Week 2, the first weekend for our new team members!

Callagy Ross Trophy @ UVM

Not much to report from UVM- They only sailed two races on Saturday, and none on Sunday, but a good time was had by all! Thank you Zach Bresnick, Katie Alfond, Ben Palmer, and Becker Ewing for making the trip. Congrats to Ben on completing his first college regatta- hopefully there's more wind next weekend!

Central Series @ BC

Much like their teammates at UVM, Caleb Niles, Coleen Ross, Carter Brock, and Liz Silva sat in postponement for a lot of the day. They were able to get a few races off after launching and improved with time- Congrats to Caleb, Carter, and Liz for completing their first college regatta!

Hatch Brown @ MIT

After sitting in postponement all day Saturday, Huskies Jackson Hamilton, Jackie Berlin, Chris Colbeth, Sandra Nygren, Kyle Riggs, and Romain Astié sailed only three races in light, shifty wind to constitute the regatta. 

Stu Nelson @ Connecticut College

Luckily for Camille Matile, Eleanor Grams, Sofia Kirkman and Julia Boll, Conn College had the most consistent breeze this weekend. Our lady Huskies improved throughout the regatta, and after 7 races, Camille and Eleanor ended with a second! Nice job ladies, good luck next weekend!

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