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Week 7: April 21-22

The weather finally started to warm up along the New England coast this weekend and the Huskies competed in three regattas at CGA, MIT and SHU. 

Reed Trophy @ CGA

The Lady Huskies headed down to the Coast Guard Academy this weekend for the NEISA Women's Championships. While the weather was warm, wind conditions throughout the weekend were shifty, ranging from 0 - 15 knots and constantly coming out of different directions. This made it difficult for the race committee to get off races. Saturday was a long day , with the last racing starting just before 6:00 pm.  A division was able to get off 8 races, and B division completed 7. On Sunday, conditions were less cooperative and while A division was able to complete two additional races, only one of them counted toward the final score, as B division was only able to complete two races, making the total number of races for each division 9. Husky sailors Camille Matile, Katie Alfond, Carolyn Corbet, Annie Wieland, Victoria Pajak, Kelley Phippen, Ellie Reagan and Julia Boll faced some tough competition this weekend against some of the best women sailors in New England.  While the team did not get the results they were hoping for, the regatta served as a great opportunity for the sailors to get experience competing at a higher level of competition. 

Boston Dinghy Cup @ MIT

The Huskies were finally blessed with some warmth and blue skies all weekend on the Charles River.  Sailors John Hughes, Kurran Singh, Becker Ewing, Kyle Riggs, Jacqueline Berlin, and Jackson Hamilton faced tactically tough conditions both days, with wind speeds jumping between 0 and 20 kts and quick shifts of up to 60 degrees.  Despite the need for many course changes, 10 races were completed in each of the three divisions.  The Huskies recorded several top 5 finishes in each division, but slipped out of the top ten by just 1 point at the end of Sunday, taking 11th overall.

Priddy @ SHU

There were 10 boats at Sacred Heart on Saturday at the Priddy freshman regatta, and the race committee hoped to get off 10 races by 5:00. The weather was beautiful on Long Island Sound and the wind was strong almost all day, but made two 90 degree shifts, which caused delays as it took a while to adjust the course. That being said , the race committee was only able to complete 8 races. The fleet was pretty distinctly divided, with Northeastern, Rhode Island, and Tufts finishing top 4 every race. The name of the game was getting away from other boats as soon as possible and maintaining your momentum in SHU’s wide and heavy FJs. Husky sailors Caleb Niles and Carter Brock  finished 3rd, 9 points behind 2nd but 7 points ahead of 4th.

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