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Week 4: March 30-April 1

The Huskies sailed in challenging conditions at both Tufts and URI this weekend. 

 Camel Team Race @ Tufts

On Saturday morning the Huskies at the Camel Team Race had relatively nice team racing breeze at 5-10 knots. Sailors Carolyn Corbet, Annie Wieland, Caleb Niles, Julia Boll, David Zymba, Liz Silva, and Ellie Reagan sailed Larks in typical Mystic Lake conditions. It was extremely shifty and the wind filled in in the afternoon with gusts over 15 knots. Sunday we had 3 races against Dartmouth in fairly heavy but inconsistent air. The Huskies were challenged by the shifts, but felt like their team racing and boat handling in Larks improved over the course of the weekend.

Central 3 @ URI

At Central 3, hosted by University of Rhode Island, several of Northeastern's newer Huskies were given the opportunity to compete. On day one, the morning brought no wind and little fanfare. Fortunately, conditions improved in the afternoon and the Huskies completed eight hard fought races in a consistent 18 knots of southern breeze. Day two brought pressure from the get go with an early 20 knots of wind and puffy, unpredictable conditions. Carnage ensued for many teams but Northeastern sailors remained upright, and the day concluded after only two races due to the punishing weather. Carter Brock, Ellie Reagan, Claire Lockard, Will Crane, Kelley Phippen and Ben Palmer are all excited to apply this heavy wind experience in upcoming regattas.

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