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Week 2: March 17-18

Some cold conditions did not stop the Huskies at MIT and CGA the weekend! 

 Geiger Team Race @ MIT

The huskies did a great job sailing in the second weekend of the season. Tons of wind on Saturday made for challenging but exciting team racing, with the Huskies going 3 and 2 on Saturday. Sunday made for more challenging conditions with temperatures in the mid-20s and ice forming on boats. We ended the day in 5th place. Some highlights for sailors Jackson Hamilton, Jackie Berlin, Kurran Singh, John Hughes, Kyle Riggs, Becker Ewing, Ian Campbell, and Ben Palmer included fast sailing  and well executed mark traps.  

Vietor Fleet Race @ CGA

The Veitor had a late start Saturday and racing was cancelled for Sunday. Although short, it was great experience for some female Huskies to sail at Coast Guard. Victoria Pajak, Ellie Reagan, Carolyn Corbet, and Annie Wieland were able to dial in their cohesion throughout the day, and keep their boats upright through some gnarly gusts. It was apparent that lots of teams competing brought their women's team as well. This was likely to gain practice at the same venue the Reed will be held at in a just few weeks. The racing was cut short due to enormous knockdown puffs taking out multiple boats, and a concern for safety with the cold water temperatures and only 2 coach boats on the water.

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