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Week 6: April 22-23

Nearing the end of our short season with the Women's New England Championship, ​the Boston Dinghy Cup, and the O'Toole!

Reed Trophy @ Brown

Our lady Huskies Tori McGruer, Coleen Ross, Camille Matile, Sandra Nygren, Carolyn Corbet, and Julia Boll prepared the whole season for this regatta. Day 1 brought cold, rain, and a medium breeze. The girls were mentally and physically prepared for the breeze after sailing in nuclear weather for two weeks, had developed the confidence and capability to do well in such an unforgiving fleet. Nice job girls!

Congrats to outgoing senior Tori on competing in both her last regatta and her last season- Good luck in grad school, we'll miss you!

Boston Dinghy Cup @ MIT

A drastic change from all of the heavy wind sailing our team has been doing in practice and at recent regattas, the BDC was a classic example of the normal shifty, light wind Charles we normally have. Jackson Hamilton, Eleanor Grams, Peter Christensen, Annie Wieland, Kurran Singh, and John Hughes sailed inner and outer trapezoids in the challenging and often frustrating conditions at MIT. Special shout out to Kurran and John, who ended up 9th in C division! Nice sailing done by all. 

O'Toole @ Mass Maritime

The Huskies had a ton of fun at one of the last regattas of our season! Zach Bresnick, Becker Ewing, Erin Coyne, and Julianne Mozzer sailed well at the Sunday-only regatta, ending up 5th out of 15 boats at the end of the day. Only five races were sailed because of off sets and light wind, but all in all a great day with good sailing!

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