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Week 5: April 15-16

Northeastern hosted its only regatta of the season this weekend!

Oberg @ Northeastern

A notoriously windy weekend, the Oberg never fails to meet expectations. Sailors Jackson Hamilton, Eleanor Grams, Peter Christensen, Romain Astié, Kurran Singh and John Hughes hiked their way to what may be our best finish ever at an Oberg- 4th place! Jackson and Eleanor beat URI by one point to get third in A division; Peter and Romain separated themselves by almost 10 points to beat the next team, Harvard; and finally, Kurran and John won C division, with a total of 33 points. Maybe all of those practices in Fireflies really did help- Congratulations Huskies!

President's Trophy @ Boston University

Over the bridge at BU, monster puffs came from what seemed like every direction. Our women's team of Tori McGruer, Coleen Ross, Carolyn Corbet and Julia Boll competed in the second big women's regatta of the weekend, with another full weekend of hiking. With classic Charles 100 degree shifts and wind velocities from 5-25mph, the girls gave it their all; Though they finished mid-fleet, they had some spectacular races and really began to sharpen their skills for New England's next weekend. Enjoy your newly forming abs, girls!

Midweek Fly @ MIT 

Starting this season, MIT created the Bobby Berliner Trophy. This trophy recognizes the top scorer for all of the Midweek Fly Regattas of that season- This Spring, the winner of the Bobby Berliner Trophy was none other than our own Zach Bresnick and Becker Ewing! Congratulations on winning the Spring 2017 Bobby Berliner Trophy!

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