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Week 8

October 29-30

Still waiting on NEISA to post the photos from the New England Championships, but here is a place holder  photo of our soph girls from this weekend. It was their first regatta sailing together!

Here we are at the peak of our season, at the one and only New England Championships hosted by CC and CGA!  Both the Urn and the Schell took place right outside CGA. Conditions were unfavorable to say the least. On Saturday, the wind came from the south, but it was very light and unpredictable. Short puffs sporadically appeared all over the course making it difficult to connect them all. Being consistent was nearly impossible. On Sunday, there was little to know wind, and the direction shifted 270 degrees before settling in the South. Race courses had to be shortened  to about half the size they were a day before to complete a set. We sent a total of 13 sailors to this event. The Huskies did their best despite the challenging conditions and the killer competition. Both the women's and the coed team had some good races and some great takeaways from the weekend. Having good starts and reading the wind far up the course were the keys to a successful regatta.

Meanwhile, back in Massachusetts, the new boys took on the Nickerson Trophy at Tufts. Zach BresnickConor OneillKyle Riggs, and Becker Ewing sailed well, however the wind conditions threw them a curve ball. The Huskies doing their best to compete in about 5 knots of breeze. Competition was also extremely tight. The team ended up in 13th, only 10 points out of 10th. Also, drysuits or khakis? YOU DECIDE

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