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Week 7

October 22-23

Weekend 7 marks the weekend of the infamous Oberg at MIT, the seasonal regatta hosted by Northeastern! While most of the Huskies worked on hosting the event alongside Coach, Peter ChristensenAnnie WielandJackson HamiltonJackie BerlinJohnny WehnerKatie AlfondJohn HughesBecker Ewing, and Ellie Reagan all raced this weekend. The heavy rain on Saturday made conditions miserable as sailors experienced the first cold autumn weekend of Boston. Wind conditions were fairly light and manageable. On Sunday, conditions cleared up and some serious breeze came through. While the regatta was ranked as B division, most schools still ended up sending some of their best sailors to the event. The Huskies, though, sailed skillfully on both days even those who were thrown in the big breeze on Sunday. The team ended up in 12th overall.

While most of the team was at the Oberg, the ladies were at the Mrs. Hurst at Dartmouth. Elise GehlingLaura TschieggCamille Matile, and Nathalie Garcia. The breeze was fair but conditions were extremely cold. Some of the best competitors in the country attended this regatta, and our ladies fought hard against them. The team ended in 14th overall.

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