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Week 4

October 1-2

Another great weekend to be a Husky on the Charles as teams hang in the top of the fleet. Pictured on the right is Annie Wieland and Peter Christensen in the one!

Peter ChristensenAnnie Wieland, Camille Matile, and John Hughes attended the Smith Trophy at MIT. Both teams sailed extremely well and consistently. On the  first day,there was plenty of rain and the breeze was medium but consistent in pressure and shifty. On the second day the breeze was barely existent and highly favored to a certain tack. The team finished fourth overall, only five points out of third. 

The women's team took on the Regis Bowl at BU which had similar conditions to MIT. Elise Gehling and Laura Tschiegg had an amazing regatta, particularly on the first day, earning several top finishes. Sofia Kirkman and Julia Boll also performed well, showing vast improvement throughout the event. Conditions on Sunday gave Northeastern a knock which hurt in the tight fleet. However, the team tied for 6th and were only three points out of third place. 

The boys cleaned house at the Harvard Invite on Saturday. Zach Bresnick and Connor O'Neill had an outstanding  performance by winning not only their division, but the entire regatta. Kyle Riggs and Becker Ewing also sailed with skill and consistency and solidified Northeastern's second place standing overall.

The Hewitt Trophy at Dartmouth was predetermined to be a challenge, and it did not disappoint. Jackson HamiltonJackie BerlinChris ColbethColeen RossMatteo Alampi, and Julianne Mozzer all fought hard against the best competition the Huskies faced this weekend. The teams were able to hang around midfleet for most of the regatta, however, just a few bad races in the light air pushed them back. 

The Mystic Lake Invite on Sunday was challenging due to the light wind; it became such a problem that the fifth race had to be abandoned. Ian Campbell, Romain AstieDonal Ryan, and Alaina Muchnick attended this regatta. The fleets  were combined, and despite both pairs having little experience in their partnerships and in the Larks, they performed well and stayed out of DFL in their races. Unfortunately, their overall score did not reflect this, but looking at the full scores, it is evident to see that both boats were competitive in the middle of the fleet.

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