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Week 2

September 17-18

The Huskies were put to the test this weekend at some top notch regattas.

The Hatch Brown at MIT was the most highly attended regatta so far this season. Jackson HamiltonJackie BerlinJohnny Wehner, Katie AlfondChris Colbeth, Sandra NygrenKyle Riggs, and Becker Ewing all jumped in to perform their best against the A level competition. All of our teams had their high's and low's, but it is certain to say that all teams had a great experience and gained some knowledge sailing against some of the best teams in the league. The A division pair did especially well; the sailors demonstrated good boat handling and attentiveness to shifts. 

The Stu Nelson at Conn College was no easy feat, but our women's team stayed highly competitive despite  the difficult wind direction and current. Elise GehlingColeen RossCamille MatileNathalie Garcia, and Ellie Reagan all performed well against the tough competition, and they were even able to finish in the top five quite a few times! 


Peter Christensen, Annie WielandMatteo Alampi, and Julia Boll all attended the Callagy Ross Trophy  on Lake Champlain. It had a rough start because Saturday was cancelled due to stormy conditions. Though the Huskies missed out on their big breeze, they still came back on Day 2 and snatched some top finishes. 

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