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For the first time in program history, both our Open and Women’s Teams have secured berths to the College Sailing Fleet Race National Championships! Even more exciting is that we will be sailing on home waters as this year’s National Championships are being held on the Charles River hosted by MIT and Harvard.


The Women’s Team will make their third appearance at Nationals this year looking stronger than ever. The Nationals Committee has ranked us 18th out of 36 teams in the Nationals field. Semifinals will take place May 20th-21st and Finals take place May 22nd-23rd.


This will be our Open Team’s first ever appearance at Nationals in team history! Ranked 30th by the Nationals Committee, our Open Team is ready to hit the water and make a strong showing at their first Nationals. Semifinals will take place May 24th-25th and Finals take place May 26th-27th.


We couldn’t be more excited about this accomplishment for our team. So much time, hard work, and dedication on and off the water has contributed to this feat, not only by our current team but by all of our alumni as well. We wouldn’t be here without all of the alumni, friends, and family that have supported this program over the years. This was truly an effort that spans far beyond the 2023-24 season, so thank you!


We hope to see you all out on the Charles at some point during Women’s and Open Nationals!



Use this link to follow along!!


Support Northeastern Club Sailing Team's Quest for Excellence!

Since our inception in 1940, the Northeastern Club Sailing Team has been honing our skills at MIT's Wood Sailing Pavilion on the Charles River. This venue has been nothing short of incredible, providing us access to MIT's state-of-the-art boat fleets, the opportunity to practice on the renowned Charles River, and the chance to compete against some of the nation's top college sailing teams.

In recent years, our team has experienced remarkable growth, both in terms of membership and performance. We're proud to report consistent improvements in our results and rankings. A major milestone was achieved when our Women's Team secured a spot in the College Sailing National Championship for the first time in 2022, and we repeated this feat in 2023. We firmly believe that our ability to practice at MIT has played a pivotal role in our success.

However, there's a challenge we must address. Due to rising operational costs at MIT's Wood Sailing Pavilion, our contract for its use has seen a significant increase in cost for the year. To ensure our continued growth and success, we are reaching out to our community and beyond, seeking your support to cover this added expense. Your contribution will not only help us maintain our training grounds but also allow us to allocate more of our budget towards participating in Nationals trips and hosting our biannual Oberg Trophy regatta.

By contributing to our campaign, you become an essential part of our journey to excellence. Together, we can keep the Northeastern Club Sailing Team sailing strong and reaching for new heights. Join us in making waves in the world of college sailing!

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