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Week 6

April 11-12, 2015


The Huskies sailed in three events over the weekend, with extremely windy conditions on Saturday giving way to a warm and light-to-medium air day on Sunday. 


Two teams of Huskies were extremely successful in the variety of conditions at the Admiral Alymer's, hosted by Mass Maritime on Great Herring Pond. Our teams ended the weekend tied for 3rd place out of the 12 team field. Jackson Hamilton and Jackie Berlin had a stretch of three straight 1st places on Sunday, highlighting the overall success of the team at the event with Scott Goodrich, Laura Tchsiegg, Camille Matile, Margo Blagden, Sarah de Silva, and Emily Arntsen all sailing well.

Click here for full scores. 


A team racing squad made up of Peter Christensen, Katie Alfond, Kurran Singh, Evan Gregory, Stephen Fletcher, and Zach Shapiro faced extreme conditions  with winds gusting upwards of 30 knots on the first day of the Mystic Lake Team Race, hosted by Tufts. The fleet of 18 boats was down to 12 by the end of the day due to several breakdowns. The second day provided lighter winds, causing one race against Brown to be abadoned during the first leg, before the wind settled in for a solid day of team racing. 

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Colin Henderson, Abby Duclos, Minot Frye, and Caitlin Cloonan finished in 2nd place at the Tyrell Trophy hosted by UConn on Sunday. Heavy winds in the morning gave way to a lighter breeze as our team battled with BU and Tufts for the top three spots.

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The Huskies (boat #6) round the windward mark in 2nd place at the Alymers. 

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